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PARSA UK Mission Statement:

Parsa UK is dedicated to helping improve the lives of disadvantaged women and young people in Afghanistan, in particular widows and orphaned children.  Parsa UK works directly with their sister charity Parsa Afghanistan, helping to provide education, training and all necessary support for bringing these disenfranchised groups out of poverty, into a life where they can be re-integrated into the Afghan community and support themselves.

In so doing, the activities of Parsa UK include:

  • Raising awareness of the achievements of Parsa Afghanistan in empowering disadvantaged women and young people
  • Facilitating learning partnerships and twinning links between education and youth organisations in both countries
  • Providing educational opportunities and support for individuals able to benefit from development programmes delivered in the UK
  • Helping Afghan women and young people become self-sufficient by helping them find UK outlets for their artisan products
  • Fundraising and sponsorship