For 20 years PARSA Afghanistan has survived because of the incredible support of our worldwide network of small donors who love Afghanistan and believe in our grassroots, community-based approach to development.

Our PARSA Family Memberships channel our world wide support into a coherent donor program that will bring our extended PARSA Family together and connect you to what we are doing in Afghanistan.

PARSA Family Members in the UK:

Our PARSA Family Members program in the UK allows us to conduct our work that raises awareness about impoverished women and young people in Afghanistan. Our initiative is mostly conducted by volunteers in the UK who are connected to PARSA UK’s sister organization, PARSA Afghanistan. Afghans love their country and do not want to emigrate for the most part, except that after 40 years of war, and increasing civilian casualties in 2016, Afghans now account for a great number of the immigrants that are flooding into Europe and the UK. PARSA UK members choose to address this problem through supporting the work that PARSA Afghanistan does in communities across Afghanistan. We do so by:

  • Raising awareness of the achievements of PARSA Afghanistan in empowering disadvantaged women and young people
  • Facilitating learning partnerships and twinning links between education and youth organisations in both countries
  • Providing educational opportunities and support for individuals able to benefit from development programmes delivered in the UK
  • Helping Afghan women and young people become self-sufficient by helping them find UK outlets for their artisan products
  • Fundraising and sponsorship

If you join our PARSA UK Family Member program you will help us leverage our volunteer support into a country-wide campaign of grassroots support for Afghanistan. Your funds will pay for the basics of running these initiatives in the UK including supporting fundraising events, education links between Afghan Scouts and British Scouts, marketing of artisan products, writing stories about the women and youth we support, and creating connections between concerned UK citizens and Afghan leaders. With your support we can make a meaningful contribution to people in a devastated country who are desperately trying to find peace and stability.

Join the PARSA UK Family Member Program Today:

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What the PARSA Family Member Fund pays for:

Basic costs related to running a non-profit are not always funded by larger donors. We use our PARSA Family member fund to hold us together as we face the challenges of working in Afghanistan. Having funds at our discretion allows us to pay for such things as emergency medical costs for staff or beneficiaries, repair work on our buildings, small staff salaries for special projects, materials for our women’s economic program, and also allows us to start small projects such as the PARSA Job Corps. Another wonderful example this is our Afghan Scouts program, which was started with $1,200 from our small donors seven years ago.

We also run special campaigns throughout the year where we ask Family Members to help us fund specific projects. For example, last year our Family Members supported the running costs of the kindergartens that we run in the cave communities of Bamiyan.

As a PARSA Family Member you will get:

  • A PARSA Family Member badge, mailed to your home
  • Bi-monthly correspondence via exclusive PARSA Family Member newsletters
  • A high resolution electronic copy of your favorite PARSA photo
  • A tile with your name, hand-painted by our Afghan Scouts and placed on our Family Member wall at our Kabul main office
  • Acknowledgement on our website.


There are several ways to make your donation to PARSA UK:

1. Using a debit/credit card or PayPal account through PayPal by clicking the button below. Please use the secure form below to make an online donation that is fast, free, and secure. If you are contributing to our Family Member Program, please mention it in the notes. If you wish to contribute to another specific campaign, please also mention the campaign name it the notes. Thank you!


2. Bank or Wire Transfer. Please email: or for bank account details.

3. Via Cheque to our UK office:

P.O. Box 284

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Contact for more information about PARSA UK!